New Year, New Events!

GEMS wishes you all a happy 2014, hopes those of you with exams to sit or Intercal presentations to give soon aren’t too stressed, and that those of you with job applications in the works hear what you are hoping for shortly!

Until exams are behind us, we are just focussing on the INSPIRE : Journal Club. Workshops will kick off in late February with our Intro to Statistics (suitable for the complete beginner!) followed in March by a workshop aiming to help you set up, complete and present a clinical audit.

New born baby twins….but what is the evidence for how safest to deliver twins?

Our January Inspire Journal Club is on the themes of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Rheumatology. The paper for O&G is all about twins! Rheumatology paper to follow when we have details. Further details on our Facebook event.

Remember that students can take part in presenting the papers at Journal Club: email for details.

Image credit: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by BeautifulFreaks