INSPIRE – GEMS Journal Club 2013-2014

This year we will be running our journal club in a different way.

As part of the initiative to increase student interest in academic medicine, this year the GEMS journal club will combine with that of the Academic Foundation Programme. On the last Thursday of every month, students of all years, academic foundation doctors and GATE trainees will gather to analyse, present and discuss clinical journal articles.

As mentioned, medical students of all years are welcome to attend, and this year we are also offering the chance to be part of a team presenting at the journal club. Each team will consist of one GATE trainee, two AFY doctors and ideally two medical students. This is a brilliant opportunity and you don’t need extensive knowledge of evidence based medicine to participate.

For those who have applied or are considering applying to the Academic Foundation Programme in the next few years, this will give you the chance to speak to current trainees and find out what it’s really like, as well as demonstrating your interest in academic medicine.

You can currently sign up to be part of a presenting team (until December) here:

Attached are some documents explaining how the journal club will run, as well as a presentation example and the timetable for the year:

INSPIRE Journal Club Guide

INSPIRE Journal Club Example Slide Set (EL)


And for those curious, you can find out more information about the AFP here:

And GATE here:

For any further information, please feel free to email us at or

We will have more information about individual journal clubs coming soon.