Journal Club 4: Critical Care

Come one and all to February Journal Club!

GEMS are pleased to welcome Dr Robert Docking, Research Fellow, MD-in the making and Anaesthesia Trainee to our next Journal Club on Wednesday 20th February.

Dr Docking will take us through the CESAR Trial- a Department of Health-funded study into the economics of bog-standard ventilation and ECMO, yer fancy ‘lung bypass’ alternative. Come along and ask, can we really practice Evidence Based Medicine when the evidence is funded by the people holding the purse strings? Does this take us any further forward in our understanding of Acute Respiratory Failure? What price a Quality Adjusted Life Year? Whether you are a budding intensivist or fancy your chances on an NHS Executive Board sat around a big mahogany table, this has something for you.

All welcome, entry is free and refreshments will be provided. Please try to have a look over the paper ahead of time.

Paper: cesar trial