Paediatric Journal Club with Prof Stone

Thanks to everyone who came along to our final workshop session of the year. Dr Quinn gave a fantastic talk and we hope it was of interest to everyone there. That was the last workshop session of the academic year, if anyone has any comments about any of the workshop sessions or would like to get involved in organising future sessions please get in touch at We would appreciate any feedback you might have so we can improve for next year.

However this is not the end of GEMS for the year, as we still have a few events lined up in the coming months. Our next Journal Club will take place on Wednesday, 14th March from 6.30 pm – 8 pm in Seminar Room 2 of the medical school.
Prof David Stone, an eminent paediatric epidemiologist, will be discussing the following paper with us:

Florence, Curtis et al. Effectiveness of anonymised information sharing and use in health service, police, and local government partnership for preventing violence related injury: experimental study and time series analysis. BMJ 2011;342-available here. You can also e-mail GEMS and get sent a copy if you have any problems.

Prof Stone will use this paper to illustrate and discuss the use of population surveillance and data registries. Please note that, as always, hard copies of the paper will not be available on the night, so please print off your own copy.

Any questions again feel free to contact us on

See you then