Workshop Session 5-The Statistics Strike Back!

Last Thursday’s session on the basics of statistics was a great success-thanks to our speaker Jacob from the GEMS committee who did a fantastic job of presenting and explaining what is a very difficult topic!

We continue our statistics session this coming Thursday with a focus on clinical statistics. In this session we will be discussing the clinical applications of statistics which are commonly seen, some aspects of which you may already be familiar with. Sensitivity, specificity, survival graphs and regression models will all be covered. Once again this should be an excellent introduction for newcomers to the topic, as well as excellent revision for Intercalers, and there will be an opportunity to ask any questions. The session will be held on Thursday 9th February, 6:30, Seminar Room 2 Wolfson Medical School.

Another date for everyone, our next Journal Club will be held on Wednesday 15th February. Dr Ed Newman, neurologist at the Southern General will be our speaker this time. Details of the paper to follow.


Any questions on these or any other aspects of GEMS feel free to e-mail us on the usual address,