Workshop Session 4-A New Hope for Statistics!

Statistics is a topic which scares medical students and consultants alike! However, statistics are a a central component of research and in presenting results, and understanding the basics of statistics is essential for appreciating clinical trials. Our next 2 workshop session will go through some of the basics of statistics, and will hopefully make this complex topic much simpler.

At GEMS we know that statistics is a complex topic, but we will be teaching the basics that you will require to understand the analysis that is commonly seen in journal papers. We will be running 2 sessions:


Session 1-Basic statistics, including confidence intervals and p-values, concepts seen in virtually every journal paper Thursday 2nd Feb, Seminar Room 2 Wolfson Medical School, 6:30

Session 2-Clinical statistics, including sensitivity, specificity and survival analysis, common features of randomised controlled trials, and an examiners favourite! Thursday 9th Feb, Seminar Room 2 Wolfson Medical School, 6:30


These session will be run by members of the GEMS committee who have studied statistics. Committe members will also be around if anyone has any questions, especially Intercalers who may have statistics queries before their exam!

Any questions feel free to e-mail us on

Hopefully see you there