Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the new academic year! We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday! Unfortunately its back to the grind now….

GEMS has got several session lined up for the upcoming months. Firstly, on Wednesday 18th Janruary at 6:30 in Seminar Room 2 we present our latest journal club. This session Colin Geddes, Renal physician from the Western Infirmary will be discussing Comparison of Mortality in all Patients on dialysis, Patients on Dialysis Awaiting Transplantation, and Recipients of a First Cadaveric Transplant by Wolfe et al. The paper can be found here. In particular, Dr Geddes will be focusing on the  issues, biases and pitfalls associated with having only observational study data. The session promises to be interesting and informative, and we hope to see you all there.

Also to remind you all that the next GEMS workshop sessions on Statistics will be held at the end of the month (date TBC). These session have proved quite popular in the past, as we take the complex topic of medical statistics and summarise it into 2 lectures. In this we aim to teach you what you need to know for understanding the statistics of papers. These session will prove invaluable for all students wanting to understand a bit more the papers they are reading. Stay tuned for more details!

Enjoy the first week back at term!