Workshop Session 3-Revenge of the Literature Search!

Our previous GEMS workshop session have taught how to read papers, now we are teaching how to find papers with our literature searching session. Searching databases for medical journals is one of the best ways to keep up to date in medicine. With so much research being published, it is important to understand how to efficiently search databases to find specifically what you are looking for. Finding up to date journals and using them in coursework is a simple way of improving your work-something the third years with the upcoming LCP hand in might want to think about!

The session will be led by Catriona Denoon, librarian at Gartnavel Library, who has kindle offered her time to give the session. It will be held in Seminar Room 2 in the Wolfson Medical School at 6:30 on Thursday 24th November. We are also delighted to offer FREE CAKE for all attendees, since this will be our last session before the Christmas break. Any queries at all, feel free to e-mail on