Workshop Session 2: Return of the Clinical Trial!

GEMS continues it’s teaching on the practise of evidence based medicine with it’s second workshop session of the year-Types of Clinical Trials. Are you confused by what is involved in a randomised controlled trial? Do you get your case controls mixed up with your cohorts, and your systematic reviews from your meta-analyses?

Our session will help ease your confusion! We will go through the different types of clinical trial designs you are likely to encounter when reading journals and reviewing the literature. We will also provide examples of these, and following on from our last session on how to read a paper, will give some points about these designs, both good and bad, which you should be aware of when assessing these papers.


The session will be held on Thursday 3rd November in Seminar Room 2 in the Medical School at 6:30. As always, if you have any questions prior to the session, feel free to e-mail us on

See you then