First Journal Club Session of the Year-with Special Guests!

Our first workshop session of the year on How to Read a Paper was a fantastic success, and we hope everyone enjoyed it and took something away. To all second years, all the best with the critical appraisal! Any questions or feedback on that session, feel free to contact us. Our next session is going to be our first Journal Club of the year.

The journal club is organised by GEMS and we will be running several sessions throughout the academic year.  These are interactive sessions with different specialists who help us hone our critical appraisal skills when reading a variety of research papers using different research methodologies.  All our speakers are academic clinicians who bring some insight into the particular paper from their day-to-day practice.  These sessions are not only informative and fun but also totally informal so don’t worry if you are not an expert yet…

The journal club also ties in with the workshops GEMS are running again this year where you can learn or brush up on everything from reading a paper, to statistics, to audit planning then you can try out these new skills at the journal club sessions.  Reading and critically appraising a paper is not only required for the dreaded second year coursework but is a skill required throughout your student life and beyond, regardless of where you see yourself ending up… so join us and get a headstart!

To kick off the new academic session we’re planning a joint journal club meeting of the West of Scotland Academic Foundation Year trainees and the undergraduate Glasgow Evidence-Based Medicine Society (GEMS).

There will be 5 speakers from the Academic Foundation Year programme and it should serve as a good introduction to journal clubs for those who’ve not been to one before. Discussion will be facilitated by Professor Matthew Walters, a respected academic stroke physician at the Western Infirmary.  The papers will be circulated a week or so before the meeting (it is not mandatory to read them prior to the Journal Club but it will be helpful).  Please e-mail if you plan to attend so that we can send you the papers.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th October from 6-8pm in the Boyd Orr Lecture Theatre A (room 407).

And finally a quick conference update-successful applicants for the conference have all been informed-well done to those who were selected! Applicants should fill out the electronic registration form by Monday 17th October. Further information can be found on our Conference page.