The University of Glasgow Medical Research Society is a medical student society at the University of Glasgow. As current medical students, we are only too aware of the difficulties faced by both student and practising doctors in the interpretation and application of current medical research into our daily practice. Our aims are to de-mystify the world of medical research and evidence based medicine by providing a platform for medical students to engage with the wider medical research community.

To achieve these goals, we run a number of events and services throughout the academic year and beyond. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosting interactive teaching workshops in subjects ranging from statistical analysis to audit design and execution.
  • A monthly journal club where we team up with junior doctors in the Academic Foundation Programme and trainees in the Glasgow Academic Training Environment to provide students with an opportunity to present academic papers in a friendly and encouraging environment.
  • A mentorship programme to link medical students who fancy trying their hand at research with local academics who are keen to try supervision.
  • A National Conference to allow students to both hear about cutting-edge medical research from internationally-renowned speakers who are experts in their respective fields, and provide an opportunity for them to present their own research or audits.

We are closely allied to the academic medical community in Glasgow, both formally and informally. All of us at UGMRS are passionate about medical research and evidence based medicine, and we dedicate considerable time and effort to helping those who are as passionate as we are to fulfilling their professional goals. If you would like to known more or get involved, please join our mailing list here or send us an email at gems.student@googlemail.com. Feel free to e-mail with any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


– University of Glasgow Medical Research Society Committee 2017-18